Original Paintings for sale

Oil, Watercolour, Acrylic and Mixed Media

Original Oli painting for sale
Enthralling Art presents watercolour, oils, ink, and acrylic original paintings for sale. Australian made by a local artist.

Some paintings are done using a realistic approach, while others are contemporary and funky. Desley’s paintings are warm, stylistic and stunning. The works have an eye catching décor that covers a wide range of artistic tastes.

These artworks are perfect for home decoration projects as well as making beautiful gifts.

Enthralling Art displays paintings in two major categories being Canvas and Watercolour.

Canvas works include oils, ink on canvas, acrylic, and collage trimmed oil paintings. While the Watercolour paintings are using artist standard paints and are all framed behind glass.

The most recent artworks are featured in the Latest Works Gallery.

The paintings for sale are aiming to provide a service to a greater audience than traditional art exhibitions.

Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, online sales have become the norm.

Desley is proud to have her original paintings for sale online. She hopes to aid art buyers to have easy access to her gallery of works.