Canvas Paintings

Oil, Acrylic, Ink & Collage

Canvas paintings for sale in oil, acrylic, ink and collage are Desley’s current focus, with an emphasis on oils. She enjoys oil painting in a variety of styles: portrait, landscape, abstract, animals, still life, and birds.

These canvas works occasionally include collage in the background to enlighten the focal point. Other canvases have been painted with brightly coloured abstract inks.

The foundations of learning watercolour have enhanced Desley’s approach to her application of oil paint.

Furthermore, she has been applying glazing techniques, perspective approaches and many other basic learnings, including the use of complementary colours, to her new works.

Most recently, Desley has enjoyed undertaking mixed media. She has also been using collage approaches to give some very interesting and appealing visual effects.

Desley looks forward to you viewing her works and is excited to offer her canvas paintings for sale.

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